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Aug. 7th, 2006 | 05:29 pm
posted by: nanji in lumatorium

This is the sole entry currently sitting on Sandalfon's (Juanita) journal for August. This required some research into who Omicronayin was, turns out - it's none other than VITKI.

"Omicronayin wrote:

I bought the movie, American Beauty, the other day because Juanita (the woman I live with) hadn't seen it before, and I really wanted her to see it. We just watched it, now she's watching it again because she liked it so much. Although it's sometimes difficult for her and creates tension between us, she's more or less learned to accept the fact that I'm "slightly gay" and that the love between us is what's really important. I can't imagine living with anyone else."

OMFG! Sandalfon's shacked up with Vitki!!

Was Vitki's girth not "oh boy" ENOUGH for Mediyogi?
Did Sandalfon finally lose the weight that was Vitki's requirement for a relationship?
And in what sense is Vitki only "slightly gay"?
As in he's too fugly to be 'fully' gay?

But perhaps most importantly...

Did Vitki/special-ed-Fred ever get round to cleaning his much-neglected fish tank?

The ordinarily prolific Sandalfon only has this single entry sitting on her blog. Does this mean she's happy and finally settling down to a life of only semi-weirdness - or have they simply changed her medication? Or has Vitki been spending all her money so that her internet connection has been cut off?

Recent additions to Vitki/Omicronayin's journal include comments that I think we can all agree with: "Just say NO! to groupies" (roflmaopimp....Vitki wouldn't say no to Fried Chicken if it had an appropriately-sized hole) and "I no longer date psychotic lesbians". I would call him misogynistic but he'd have to look it up in a dictionary. And he can't afford one of those.

I'm going to meet these people one day. I just know it. Our fates are crossed.

If you're wondering who Vitki/Omicronayin is (as well you might), the good people at encyclopediadramatica have found the time to put together a damn fine summary.
Find it here:

and this is Sandalfon:

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ahhh the Third Grade...

from: nanji
date: Aug. 31st, 2006 03:44 pm (UTC)

Remember how it use to be in the third grade
we use to laugh & play & cherish each day in the third grade
we learned wounderous things from our teacher so nice
sat on marshmellow desks with teddy bear smiles--the world use to all make sense
but that sense seems to slowly fade--after third grade
in third grade we use to write with crayons
we would make sparkly pictures with glitter & glue
we had warm cookies & hearts full of love
& there wasn't a care in the world for me--or for you
there's not a thing in this life that i wouldn't trade
just to back one minute to third grade


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