Lumatorium picks out the best of bad art, so you don't have to.

Join us. We can feel ourselves growing.

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Lumatorium n. - "Luma" symbolising brightness and the suffix (oooh A-level English) "-torium" meaning a place of action.

Do you hate stupid people?!

Well go away then because we LOVE them. We trawl the net, armed with the stimulant of our choice, hunting down idiots and their work. We splay open their Genius stupidity and pick out the tiny seeds of raw stoopid that lie within.

Get in there and put in your two-cents worth.

Rules and Procedures

1. Rudeness is allowed, lack of courtesy is not.

2. Please put pieces of writing you are posting behind an LJ-CUT tag. For instructions on how to do this go here.

3. If you come across a link or a piece of writing that particularly grabbed you, for whatever reason, don't keep this joy to yourself. Share and comment.